Dr. Maryann Durland has been the owner of Durland Consulting since 2001 and is a member of the American Evaluation Association’s Independent Consultants TIG. Prior to starting her own consulting business, she worked as an evaluator for Rockman Et. Al., Arthur Anderson, and the Louisiana State Department of Education in several program monitoring, assessment, and evaluation related capacities. She holds a Louisiana Class A Evaluator Certificate. Dr. Durland’s overall experiences make her highly respected and well known in her field. In addition, Durland Consulting also creates teams of evaluators and researchers for larger projects.

Dr. Durland has presented papers and expert lectures at AEA, and AERA conferences. Durland has also been a chairperson for numerous associations including Elkins Historic Landmarks Commission, Literacy Volunteers of Randolph County, Elkins Tree Board, American Association of University Women, and Elkins Main Street Design Committee. She is the founder of the American Evaluation Association Social Network Analysis Topical Interest Group and is affiliated with the American Educational Research Association, Women in Statistics, and the American Statistical Association. Dr. Durland holds a doctorate in Research and Evaluation Methodologies from Louisiana State University. 

Durland Consulting specializes in social network analysis, the methodology for studying connections between objects, ideas, places, events, etc. We have worked to expand SNA use in evaluation, helping communities and guiding organizations to understand how it can help their organizations on a deeper level.

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